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5 Reasons Why I Love Wax Melts Over Candles

Posted on November 2, 2019 by Jo Andreacchio

To most people, a smell isn’t just a fragrance – it’s a memory. When you get a whiff of baked apple pie, it reminds you of afternoons baking with your grandmother. Or when that warm summer breeze wafts the smell of fresh flowers through your window, thoughts of that relaxing Bali holiday you took last year, cross your mind.

If you are like me, fragrance features heavily in your home and in your memories however one of the reasons why I love Scentsy as I do is because we don't have any products that require a flame - the safety aspect was and is a huge draw card for me.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I chose wax melts over candles - for life!

1. Longer Lasting Fragrance

HourglassThere are many factors that affect the average burn time of candles and warm time of melts. Type of wax, amount of fragrance oil, size of the candle or melt all play a part in how much time you'll get out of your favourites.

Wax melts absorb heat slower - this is especially true when using our warmers - than traditional candles and therefore are able to release aromas without burning the fragrance oils. This gives the wax the ability to continue releasing the fragrance without the scent evaporating quickly. When you burn a candle, the opposite happens - hence the reaction above!

2. Flame Free Fragrance

From someone who lost everything from a candle fire, this is so important and the number one reason why I only use Scentsy in my home. Sure, decorative candles are pretty and the flicker of the flame gives that meditative touch but the exposed flame poses a gigantic risk for something catching fire - in a second, you can lose everything.

Scentsy warmers are all plug in, using either a heating element plate or a globe to gently melt our Scentsy wax bars and release stunning fragrnce within as little as 10 minutes.

3. Stronger Fragrance Capability

A common question that I get regularly from customers is, 'Are wax melts stronger than candles?' In a word, yes. The science behind this is quite simple. Most candles are only able to hold up to around 10% fragrance oil load. Why? Because of the flame. Flame + too much oil = disaster! Plus, the flame destroys the fragrance oils, burning it off quickly.

Wax melts have the ability to hold larger volumes of fragrance oil, simply because there is no flame that could cause the oil to combust.

On average, most candles have an oil-to-wax ratio of around 10% whereas Scentsy wax bars are pushed up to 18%, giving a much stronger fragrance experience.

4. Convenience

baby-boy-and-puppy_0Due to the exposed flame, candles are obviously not suitable for all environments. Wax melts and warmers are far more acceptable for use in workplaces, schools, child care centres and medical environments where candles pose too much of a risk.

Ideal for parents with small children, pets or those of us who are forgetful, wax melts are simply effective and safe. No rushing home because you can't remember if you blew out that candle, no matches or lighter required, they generally come in a clam shell where you break off a cube, pop it in your warmer to get hours of SAFE fragrance. Wax melts can last from 8 hours to anywhere up to 4-5 days!

5. Control Your Fragrance

scentsy-moonlightDepending on your scentsitivity (see what I did there?), you can manage the strength of your fragrance with wax melts to a certain degree. Not a fan of the smack-you-in-the-face strong fragrance? Add half or one cube to your warmer for a more subtle fragrance. For a stronger fragrance experience, we recommend adding 2-3 cubes. Not sure how much wax your Scentsy warmer dish can handle? On the bottom of each dish, you will find a number. This is how many cubes that dish can comfortably accommodate.

And for those of us who are creative or get bored easily, you can blend your wax melt fragrances to create entirely new fragrances. Wait, what? Oh yeah, grab a cube of two of your fave fragrances and pop them in your warmer together - you have the opportunity to customise your own scent!

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